The Third Makeblock Hackthon: Makeblock Interaction Art for Arduino Day

Last Friday, Makeblock held the third Makeblock Hackthon for Arduino Day. The subject is Makeblock Interaction Art and the hackthon should be finished within 24 hours.

(Check The Third Makeblock Hackthon Presentation Video here: The Third Makebock Hackthon

All members are Makeblock staffs, and leaders will be electronic engineers. There’s four groups for four different Arduino projects, let’s check their ideas.

Group One:

Leader: Waker   Project name: 3D Scanning Camera Adjustable Car


They’re going to build a 3D Scanning Camera Adjustable Car. Generally, if a person standing before the car, it will take photos in 360 degree and adjust the angle itself, input the 3D model data into computer, and you can print the 3D model into real model. And they name this project 3D human-being body Art.

Group Two:

Leader: Ziyang Liu       Project name: Five-finger Robotic Arm


This group will construct a delicate five-finger robotic arm. The robotic arm finger will be the same function as human-being finger, it can move back and forth. Each finger will be connect by wire, and the robotic arm will controlled by a screw motor.

Group Three:

Leader: Xiaoyu   Project name: Reality Version Rhythm Master


They want to make reality version rhythm master (a popular app game, the player press the slide notes with the music rhythm). The players will press 4 buttons which made by  4 Led shades to match the music rhythm.

Group Four:

Leader: Zhisheng Yang    Project name: Virtual Instruments


This group want to create Virtual Instruments (Virtual Piano,Virtual Electronic Drums and Virtual Cymbal). They will use ultrasound module detecting distance and receive the back ultrasound signal. The back ultrasound signal will transmit the signal to Arduino, then Arduino will transfer data through the serial port to PC and control the PC output the specific sounds.

The following time are making their dream into reality within 24 hours. Here’s the outtakes:


Group One member Xing Ouyang are fixing the 3D printer



Group Two member Renyang Xiong are builting the fingers


Group Three members Roger, Yaofu, Rui Xu are happily built the basical track together


Group Four members Zhisheng Yang are discussing about software control with InDream.

Finally here’s their finished works, we invited many friends including the kids to vote.


The boy are very interesting about the 3D Scanning Camera Adjustable Car. They use a iPhone 5S as camera.


Look at this cute girl face, she is curious and desire to know how Five-finger Robotic Arm works.


The kids are around the Reality Version Rhythm Master with Xiaoyu, they can’t wait to enjoy the game.


This group are playing the Song of Joy together to show people how powerful the Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments Work Explanation:

Virtual Piano: The ultrasound module testing the obstacles within 5cm distance and transmit the signals to Arduino MCU. Then Arduino MCU will transmit the signal to computer directly by serial interface to control the computer release special sound. There are seven ultrasound modules to control the piano sound: do,re,mi,fa,so,la,xi.

Virtual Electronic Drums: Also use ultrasound module to test the scope f 15cm obstacles and transmit the data to Arduino. Arduino transmit the data to computer and release the sound.

Virtual Cymbal: Use one gyroscope module to test the small movements and transmit the signal to Arduino. And Arduino transmit the signal to computer directly by serial interface to control the computer to sound.

At last, our judges votes for their favorite projects. Here’s the final result:

First Przie goes to Virtual Instruments Team



Second Place is 3D Scanning Camera Adjustable Car Team



The third prize is Reality Version Rhythm Master Team



The Final Prize is Five-finger Robotic Arm Team



Check The Third Makeblock Hackthon Presentation Video here: The Third Makebock Hackthon

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