The Second Stop of “Drifting mBot” in the North — Zhengzhou

After looking forward for a long time, “Drifting mBot” came to Zhengzhou, came to our Aixin Maker Space at last. Having the first look of this cute metal mBot made our teachers and students who were accustomed to play Lego extremely excited, and all of them couldn’t wait to have a try. Having opened the box, they took out the instruction drawing and assembled it according to the instruction in a short time.

openbox bookandbox
Of course, it was not easy for every student to use the screwdriver at first, but they became familiar with it quickly. However, when finishing assembling mBot, it was a big problem for us that how to operate mBot and how to use those sensors, so we had to ask for help from experts in Makeblock BBS.

6 kidwithmbot1

5 kidswithmobt4
Following some experts’ guidance, we downloaded makeblock program and arduino program, installed the drive and wrote a program; finally, our mBot began to move.
Thanks a lot to Makeblock holding the “Drifting mBot” Activity, so that children could have a total different experience about robots, teachers could broaden their horizon and learn more technologies about robots.

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