The second stop in the South of “Drifting mBot” is still in Wenling City.

This time, “Drifting mBot” came to Henghu Primary School in Wenling and Wang Huihui, a technology teacher in school, took his mBot teaching in exploring creative Scratch design, hardware peripheral, Maker education in school, multimedia video design and so on.

mbot pink


Here is the teaching record of “Drifting mBot” provided by Wang.

Firstly, I’d like to appreciate that Mblock provided mBot with such high quality and cute appearance, which was attractive for my students.

mbot line

It was lucky that my school was selected as the second stop in the South. However, owing that it was at the end of the semester, students devoted themselves to preparing their exams and it was in conflict with my large class teaching arrangements. Fortunately, there was a club of Scratch Programming in our school, so I’d like to take an experience curriculum for them and let them have some development in Scratch programming software.


The target of my first mBot teaching was to make students know mBots. I took my teaching by letting students turn on LED Light of mBots, input instruction code to the main control board and make mBots work offline. Due to having some basic knowledge about Scratch, students could easily operate mBots. Only if I simply taught them the instructions of each part on mBot, could they wrote relative programs and turn on the LED Light. After the first class, all of the student had a general idea of the operating procedure.


Through my first mBot teaching, I found that students were enthusiastic about mBots and were good at operation. The fastest student could finish assembling his mBot in 13 minutes, and even if the slowest one took more time to assemble it, he could finish within 24 minutes.


That students could successfully assemble mBots for the first time with the help of specification shows that it is not quite difficult to build mBot and mBot was suitable for pupils.

child 2

Owing to the fact that mBot had a high playability, students did not enjoy themselves to the full and they wanted to get another experience of mBot, I decided to take the second mBot teaching in the next day.

The theme of my second teaching was making the motor of mBot operate. After a heated discussion, students decided to write program by using instruction code of mBlock in no time and take the experimental debugging by inputting code to operate offline.


They worked in teams of two and cooperated with each other. All students were engaged in the class and showed great interest to mBot. Soon, everything was done and mBot competition was going to start. We numbered 12 mBots one by one and made them compete in “Space Exploration” in turn. During the competition, many students put forward several innovative ideas, such as launching with turning on LED Light, going back with turning around, remote controlling, awaking with notification tones, etc.

Through the process of operation mBots, what students had learned about robots in their daily life was fully used.After several stops of “Drifting mBot”, we have accumulate some methods of playing mBot, such as mBot football match, “Space Exploration” competition and line-patrol competition. We believe that in the future, with more and more class interactions between teachers and students, there will be more and more creative and interesting ways to play mBot.


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