The First Station of Drifting mBot in The South

Since the activity “Drifting mBot” started, we have continually received a large sum of application forms from different schools and training institutions. After finishing arranging these applications, we have finally decided to choose Dalian Gaochengshan Primary School as the first station in the North and appointed Daxi Panlang Primary School in Wenling City as the first station in the South. Now, let’s see the activity condition of the first station in the South, and the following article is from Zhao Junjie, a teacher in Daxi Panlang Primary School.
The Record of the First Stop in the South

–From Zhao Junjie in Daxi Panlang Primary School
It is fortunate for my school to join in the “Drifting mBot” Activity and become the first stop in the South. In fact, before the activity starts, I have already bought a set of mBot from Taobao online shop during the promotion and feel really satisfied with mBot when using it. This time, in order to know whether mBot is fit for being used as a teaching material in Maker Education and what problems will happen when using mBot in teaching, I signed up for the “Drifting mBot” Activity.
Owing that it was near the end of the term in my school and students began to review their lessons intensely, it was impossible for me to take mBot teaching in the information technology class. Thus, I had to find another method to take my mBot teaching.

south one 8

south one 2

south one 3

At the first time, I took mBot teaching in the Children’s Palace. That day happened to be Dragon Boat Festival, and many children and their parents participated in my activity. A great number of passers-by were attracted by these novel mBots, and my little robots and I were surrounded by them in no time. Some children managed to assemble mBot by themselves, others finished assembling it with the help of their parents. All of the children finished mBot quickly.
During the activity, children were extremely happy when playing mBot with its remote control, and they asked different questions and tried new ways to play it from time to time. Every time they asked their whimsical questions about mBot, I would answer them patiently.

south one 3


south one 5

After the activity ended, a kid who was the first one finishing assembling mBot called me to know when I would hold another mBot activity, and he told me that he would come again. To my delight, the boy really participated in my teaching in the Children’s Palace again.

south one 6

In my second mBot teaching, because most children were preschoolers, the prepared teaching content was too much for them; but they also enjoyed themselves in the activity. Though the progress of my teaching was a little bit slow, they were still very interested in mBot and my teaching.

South one 1

My feeling: as children have a basic knowledge of playing Lego, instead of introducing the operation mBlock in details, here I just consider the understanding and receptivity of children in the activity. Due to the fact that children had to try many new things in my teaching, I used several simple examples and let kids use their imagination freely when playing.

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