The First Station of “Drifting mBot” in the North

The first station of “Drifting mBot” in the North came to a beautiful coastal city, Dalian. With a long history and fresh air, what would happen to teachers and students in Dalian with mBot there?
This teaching feeling was provided by Lin Hai, a teacher teaching Information Technology in Guochengshan Primary School in the Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone. Lin’s research is to explore creative Scratch deign, relevant hardware, including Scratch control panel, makeblock and pcduino, and Maker Education.
After knowing the “Drifting mBot” activity, we applied to Makeblock for the“Drifting mBot” at once. Also, it was a great pleasure for our school to become the first station in the North.
Let me show you the photos about mBot taken after I received SF-Express. I have taken many pictures after opening the box, could you feel how I was happy when I got the mBot.

mblockmbot 1
After showing mBot and photos to my students, I started my first mBot teaching class. The aim of my first class was to make students fully operate. At first, I took out every part out of the box and explained in detail about its function to my students, so that they could assemble mBot smoothly. In the whole process, they finished assembling independently with the help of instruction, I only gave them some assistance when necessary.



How could you think that boys are always better than girls. The girls in the picture once won the first prize in a DIY Robot Competition.

In my second experiencing class, I aimed to make students finish tasks in the textbook by themselves and experience remote control line-patrol, avoid obstacles and manually control mBot.

My feeling after teaching: As a teacher, we should give children right to use their innovative imagination to realize their ideas; instead of teaching student step by step, we just need to be an adviser and give them necessary help.


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