The First Cooperation Between Makeblock and Microsoft



The transition from the Internet to the Internet of Things (IOT) marks the overwhelming arrival of the intelligent-hardware era. As a result, everyone, including children, could be a maker in this flourishing maker times.

Therefore, it’s significant to promote the development of maker education. And that’s what Makeblock is doing, too.
On 11th November, Makeblock and Microsoft held a Windows IOT core – Makeblock Student Maker Invitational Tournament.
This is the first time that Makeblock educational robot combines with advanced Microsoft Windows10 IOT core technology. It aims at combining educational products with latest technology, practicing technological education theory, and promoting the development of STEAM education.



Let’s review the fantastic competition.
This competition gathered numerous interesting IOT applications. The technical engineer of Microsoft China upgraded the Starter car to realize voice control by carrying Windows IOT voice system.

In order to popularize IOT and Cloud knowledge to K12 students, especially the application of Azure Cloud, this competition used mBot as a carrier that combined with Windows IOT core and Azure Cloud technology. Students acquired knowledge while having fun in the interesting programming and soccer mode contest.

Six teams participated in this competition, including Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School, Shenzhen OCT Middle School, Shenzhen Experimental School, Shenzhen Second Senior High School, Guangzhou Liwan Feishui Middle School, and Guangzhou No.86 Middle School.

The top three places were decided after several rounds of competition. Shenzhen Experimental School won the championship and the runner-up, while Shenzhen OCT Middle School took the third place.

Dr. Matthew R. Perry of Microsoft Headquarters and Li Tian, Sales & Marketing Manager of Makeblock issued the award ceremony together at the end of competition.



The first successful cooperation between Makeblock and Microsoft promotes the further discussion of cooperation intentions which focus on the development of educational course. The two companies aim at enriching the connotation of maker education, stimulating student’s enthusiasm in creativity, and promoting the effectiveness of maker education in further cooperation.



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