Sweetest Sugar 3D Printer Constructed with Makeblock Components by MIT Grad Victor Leung

Victor Leung, an MIT graduate and one of the VIP users of Makeblock, has just created a CNC Machine/3D Printer that is aimed for research and innovation in the field of DIY robotics in the AA Visiting School 2016 program in Hong Kong for a robotics workshop.

Victor led a team and successfully completed the 11-day workshop with an opening reception at the Osage Gallery. Their beautiful works are exhibited till August 19. The students are very happy learning with Makeblock components and Victor created 5 fantastic machines. It is also the first time anyone had created a 3D printer using molten sugar as material.

Makeblock Sugar Printer

Sugar 3D Printer is in the act.
 Photo credits : Gigi Wong and Jonathan So
Sugar Lantern
Photo credits : Gigi Wong and Jonathan So

Sugar Machine

The Sugar 3D Printer. Constructed with Makeblock‬ components.

Sugar Machine 2

Side view of the Sugar 3D Printer.

Sugar Machine 3

Top view of the Sugar 3D Printer.

Makeblock parts can be easily connected together with screws and other fixtures to create a precise machine. This allow students with no experience in metalwork to focus on assembling the machine without worrying about fabricating the individual parts. All the components are designed with a 4mm modular system, they can be connected easily with each other.

Group photo of Victor Leung, his students and their sugar works.

Sugar Printer team

Makeblock components are all reusable, easy for a student to make correction to a mistake or to modify the machine to try something new. This creative experimentation that is not easily achievable with traditional machine-making approach.

The visitors at Osage Gallery in Hongkong were fasinated by the Sugar 3D Printer.


It is a great example of how Makeblock- the open source DIY robotics construction platform enables people to freely create workable robots with over 400 mechanical parts, electronic modules as well as software to offer resources and inspiration, despite having little or no relevant background knowledge.

Team with Printer

Inspired? Wanna build your own 3D Printer or bring any robot in your head to life? Start your experiment with Makeblock – the ultimate DIY robotics construction platform today!

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