Statement on “”, “Makeblock España” and unsupported software in European region.

This statement has made on the date of October 4th, 2017, is a clarification regarding the website “”, “Makeblock España” and unsupported software in European region.

We, Makeblock Co., Ltd. ( Makeblock ), the owner of the trademark “Makeblock” in European Union, has found that Distintiva Solutions S.Coop ( Distintiva ), without authorization, carries out business activities in Spain in the name of Makeblock by “” and “Makeblock España” which are misleading customers to believe they are operated by or authorized officially by Makeblock.

Makeblock hereby clarifies that we DO NOT authorize Distintiva to use our trademark in European Union. The unauthorized use of our trademark “Makeblock” has constitute trademark infringement.

To clarify the situation, Makeblock hereby make the following statement:

  1. Makeblock does not authorize Distintiva to operate both “” and “Makeblock España”. Makeblock does not take the legal responsibilities that are caused by them;
  1. Makeblock España Certificates issued by Distintiva are not signed out by Makeblock. These certificates are not recognized by Makeblock and its partners. Makeblock does not guarantee the quality of the holders of these certificates. The release on the official Makeblock certificates to recognize the skill of consumers and the quality of educational partners will be announced separately.
  1. Makeblock hereby clarify that the website of has no relations with Makeblock. It was actually operated by Distintiva instead of Makeblock. The content of the website is misleading as it states it is the official website of Makeblock in Spain
  1. Makeblock is under legal process with Distintiva regarding the trademark infringement by Distintiva.
  1. In addition, Makeblock does not maintain the software platform other than those produced by Makeblock, which are mBlock, Makeblock APP, mBlock APP, etc. Any indications of using other software for Makeblock products, Makeblock does not guarantee the quality and service.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Official statement (PDF)


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