Progress update #1 for Kickstarter

Hi everyone,

Makeblock has achived the goal within one week. Sorry for the late update, as we are working hardly for the final prototype testing and the documentations. Great thanks to all you kickstarters. We are amazed by the level of support we have received so far. We are really proud of the products we’ve made.

Progress on the Documentation: The first version of tutorials are under developing, so that you can build your robot easily by following the clear steps.

Progress on the Electronic modules: We have latest version of Me – Base Shield, Me – Servo Driver, Me – Line Finder, and Me – Infrared Receiver back. Small changes were made to make sure the modules be much easier to use. The rest electronic modules were also sent to the factory for the final prototyping, and will be back in several days.

Please continue helping us to spread the world about Makeblock and stay tuned.

Best Regards,


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