Planning of First Round “Drifting mBot” Activity

(This activity is only limited to the mainland of China)

1. Aim of “Drifting mBot” Activity
Education of science and technology in school is one aspect of quality education. During the teaching process, teachers should take corresponding measures, such as holding some extracurricular science and technology activities, to change children’s attitude, raise students’ awareness and enrich their after- school life, so that students can acquire knowledge through entertainment and enjoy learning.
In order to develop students’ operational abilities and cultivate their programming thinking and innovation, Makeblock will hold a public benefit activity called “Drifting mBot” throughout the country, which aims to enable more students to have access to this product making their programming study easier and more interesting.
Meanwhile, it is also a charity activity. Every time you finish the drifting activity in earnest, children in the remote areas will get a batch of new mBots. It should be noted that those mBots used repeatedly during the activity will be recycled by Makeblock rather than donate them to remote villages. Moreover, we will send some professional engineers to these areas. If you are interested in our activity, please spread this idea of love and warm with us to make the children in the countryside have more access to the fun of technology.

2. Theme of “Drifting mBot” Activity

The theme of this activity is “Drifting mBot” — bring knowledge and happiness to you, me and everybody.

3. Object of “Drifting mBot” Activity

We suggest students in the primary school and middle school, especially froam grade three in the primary school to grade three in the middle school, join in this activity.

4. Content of “Drifting mBot” Activity

“Drifting mBot” is a passing love activity. Makeblock will provide 24 teaching version mBots which internal storage is 2.4G with relevant textbooks and accessories, and these mBots will be sent out from Shenzen in two different routes. Both two routes take the Yangtze Rive as the dividingline; the South Route is in the south of the river and the north one is in the north of it. Every stop can take a mBot using experience for 10 days. After finishing mBot experiencing activity, please pack the mBots and relevant textbooks and send them to the next stop.

5. Regulations of “Drifting mBot” Activity

  • 1. From now on, Makeblock begins to receive application and concerned documents from school and technology training institutions. Everyone who wants to apply for the activity please joi QQ group “Fall in Love with Makeblock” (number: 340933414), download an application form in appendix 1 and fill out the form.
  • 2. Makeblock will select four schools or training institutions respectively in the South and theNorth to hold “Drifting mBot” activity. The activity will last for ten days in each stop, and itshould be noted that the day you receive the mBot delivery is the starting day of the activity. After finishing the experiencing activity, please reset the mBots, pack them with other relatedmaterials and send the package with your note and your love to the next stop. Moreover, wesuggest the SF Express and you are supposed to pay for the freight during this process.
  • 3. After the activity, please share the photos and videos taken in the class, feeling of your teaching and feedback from students with us within one week. In this part, you can get more details in appendix 2. You should share these materials in the following social media in turn:

1) QQ group –“Fall in Love with Makeblock” (number: 340933414): On the day you finish your mBot teaching, please send your videos and photos taken during the teaching and your feeling of the class to “Fall in Love with Makeblock” (number:340933414) as soon as possible.

2) Makeblock BBS and Maoyouhui Forum: After the activity, please write a summary which content includes your teaching feeling and feedback from children, and the summary is no less than 500 letters and 10 pictures. Also, you have to take a complete video of your mBot teaching. If you cannot take a video by yourself, please tell us and our company will make another plan. Then, you have to upload your video and summary to Makeblock BBS and Makeblock section in Maoyouhui Forum.

3) Wechat Subscription Account: When the activity is over, please send your relevant materials of “Drifting mBot”Activity to the person (QQ number: 2711417055) in charge of the publicity on Wechat within seven days, and he will take your summary onto the Wechat Subscription Account. 4) Sina WeiBo: At the end of the activity, please publish your feeling of joining in “Drifting mBot” and push notification to our Sina Weibo Account (@创客工场科技). After receiving your notification, our Sina WeiBo.  Account (@创客工场科技) will repost your WeiBo at once.

6. Schedule of “Drifting mBot” Activity

Time for registration: 2015, July, 9th to 2015, August, 30th. Time for activity: 2015, July, 10th to 2015, September, 10th.

7. Significance of “Drifting mBot” Activity

To enrich children’s after-school life. To expand students’ knowledge, to develop their operational abilities and cultivate the programming thinking and innovation. To give kids who are interested in programming an opportunity to learn some knowledge about robots and programming.

8. Contingency Plan of “Drifting mBot” Activity

If some parts of mBot are lost or damaged, Makeblock could send you some spare parts; but when the activity is over, you are supposed to pack the rest accessories together with the reset mBot and the textbooks and deliver them to the next station. Any school or training institution keeping these mBots as their private poverty without permission shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

If the wheels of mBot begin to slip, you need to change the motor shaft (see more details here). In the whole process of the “Drifting mBot” Activity, Makeblock always reserve the right of final explanation. Shenzhen Maker Works Technolog Co., Ltd. 2015, July, 9th

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