Pirates Take Over the Makeblock Makerathon

The night was grim,

The wind suddenly stopped,

Calm before the storm



In the fog of the night,

A crimson outline suddenly appeared


“Revenge the Queen!”

A ship that owned the seven seas,

A hundred years ago, it sank,

And now it sails again!

“Pirates” was the theme of the June Makerathon, held at the Makeblock headquarters in Shenzhen, to encourage a mindset of creativity, teamwork, and openness. A second part of the competition was that teams were also encouraged to use recycled materials in their work, to promote a work culture of being as environmentally friendly as possible.

pic 03

One of the most striking projects was that by the Makzy team, made up of members who are all newcomers to Makeblock. In this post, the team will take us through the process of making the pirate ship in less than 24 hours from an old KT board, a water pistol, and more, and which led to them being crowned winners of the Makerathon.

Below is the team’s notes of their build process.


“The scrap parts we used to build the ship.”


“The finished ship, dubbed “Queen Annie’s Revenge”, complete with sails and black hulls and a powerful artillery system. It is able to move and be remotely controlled, just like other robots built on the Makeblock platform.”

pic 06

“Above is the sketch of our initial idea for the ship. Let’s take a look at our step by step notes on to see how we brought our idea to life!”

Design ideas

“We began with the decision of making the largest, coolest ship in the Makerathon.

At the very first stage of the design we decided that the hull would be very large, and also decided to incorporate a power system and powerful artillery.”


Hull structures

“The foundation of the ship structure is these large hulls without which nothing could be achieved.

We spent most of the night getting this base ready before moving on to other parts of the design.”



“We originally had an idea to build a flamethrower but quickly reverted to using a water pistol, for obvious reasons. The water gun is mounted on the main body of the ship and a steering gear is used to control its operation.”


Power system

“The power system sits on the main controller board and powers a set of wheels enabling the ship to move backward and forwards as well as turn and aim its weapon system at its target.”

Exterior design

“The shell is built from KT boards recovered from the last Makerathon and the drawn painted by our team of ‘professional’ painters.”

pic 10


“We used the Auriga control board and programmed it quickly using mBlock. The finished code lets us control the weapons, the decorative LED lights at the back, and the power system.”

pic 11


“After 24 hours of hard work and deep thinking, we’re proud to present this majestic, horrifying robotic ship owned by a vengeful crew of black beard Tinybot pirates!”

Big thanks to the Makzy team for their great work during this Makerathon. We hope to see more of their creations next month!

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