New Product Monday: Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit

Hey guys, at the beginning of November we’re pleased to announce that we will launch  the new product today: Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit.

This is a comprehensive robot kit for beginners to explore the robotic world or experts to build complex robots. It contains everything you need to construct your robot dreams: metal geared motors, Arduino-compatible controller, programmable RGB LED strip, different kinds of sensors, robotic gripper and other mechanical parts.

ultimate box

Ultimate kit

It is also great for learning Arduino and Scratch programming. You can control your robot with your smart device through a Bluetooth connectionIn this kit, you can start with the included step-by-step tutorial on building a robotic arm car or visit 3D Model of 10 other robotic projects. Let’s check the video check what Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit can do!


  • Ÿ   Great for learning robotics, electronics and Arduino programming
  • Ÿ   Build more than 10 robotic projects
  • Ÿ   Aluminum extrusion structure
  • Ÿ   Easy wiring, no soldering required
  • Ÿ   Bluetooth connection lets you control your robot with your smartphone or tablet


Programming and Control:

  • Smart Device App Control ( Free of coding)
  • Scratch Programming (Graphical programming tool suitable for your kids)
  • Arduino Programming

Parts List: Click here

Where to buy:

You can purchase from our online store or local distributor.

Makeblock store:

Buy from distributor:

  • Posted on November 3, 2014 - 5:37 pm
  • By Christina
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  • Thomas Ducusin says:

    This is a great kit. I can make different kinds of robots, etc. Sadly, it’s not for novice makers. The instructions for the programming side is a mess. Three weeks into this project, I’ve still not been able to get it to work. I went back to Radio Shack yesterday to have them check it; apparently it came with the motors all dead. So I got a new box (with hopefully good parts) but I have yet to figure out how to get it working with the android app. The instruction manual is incomplete, and the site is a mess; many in the forums are also struggling with this kit. I’m still waiting on makeblock support to contact me. So in the mean time, Radio Shack has given me 30 more days to try to get it to work so I’m going back to the forums!!

  • KL says:

    Just updating my post… I want to be fair to the company – the mechanical parts are great and despite the minor errors in the instruction book, I appreciate the diagrams. I tested all of the electronic components. The sensors are fine, and the motors are fine when I connect them to a direct energy source. When they are connected to the Orion, they move/stop, they sometimes work, and they sometimes make noises and don’t move. I still haven’t been able to resolve my bluetooth issues – can’t pair and for some reason I get an uploading error if the bluetooth module is connected to Port 5 (which should be compatible). So perhaps I have a broken Orion. My current opinion is don’t buy this kit – get a good mechanical kit and find electronic parts elsewhere.

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