New Makeblock Gripper

Recently we have designed a new Makeblock Gripper as the following picture shows.


For our previous one it can not seize the ball easy and other cube object tightly, and will not be useful after cut down the power. What more, the old Gripper is heavy. The new design has solved these problems.

We use the acrylic to build the gripper and to make it lighter. For the power, we use a tiny DC motor, so you can use Me-Motor Driver to drive the gripper. As following picture shows.


What’s more you can build the gripper with 2 claws or 4 claws as you like.



Connecting and controlling is easy, too. You can connect the gripper to Me-Base Shield or Me-Motor Driver, and use the motor driver to drive it as the following picture shows.

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  • Posted on August 21, 2013 - 3:52 pm
  • By eric
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  • Lyn says:

    Currently the arm is offered in a hrarwade only kit (no electronics or software). You are certainly free to use the SSC-32 controller with RIOS to control the arm. If you plan to use a standard chess board, the maximum reach for the AL5D arm is 10.25 , which may not be long enough to reach all the places on a board. With? its 24 reach, the M100RAK easy extends to all places on a board or can pick up the entire board with all the pieces.

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