mElephant (4-in-1 printer) is Up on Makeblock Official Shop!

mElephant, the 3D printer version is up on Makeblock official shop, you can free to buy it on directly.

melephant 3d printer kit

melephant 3d printer kit

So What is mElephant?

mElephantis the new generation of Makeblock  printer.With additional parts, mElephant can be upgraded to a 4-in-1
workbench machine!

–3D printing  (it’s up)

–Laser Engraving  (not yet)

–Drawing  (not yet)

–CNC  (not yet)

Makeblock studied very hard on the 1st generation – Constructor I 3D Printer, and made huge improvement.
With the most steady and concise Prusa i3 structure, delicate brand new designed OLED screen, automatically print bed leveling module, and more powerful integrating control panel, mElephant is the most powerful 3D printer in Makeblock ever!

What’s the main features of mElephant (3d printer version)?

  • Powerful:–Unlimited kit with strong extensibility.–Integrating control panel, so strong and so powerful
  • Elegant:–Delicate anodized aluminum extrusion frame, metal shinning.–Special designed OLED screen, modern tech style!
  • Simple:–Offline mode supported, let it be!–Free source code and online examples
  • Possibilities:–Easy to modified and switch the head part, can be upgraded to a 4-in-1 machine

Why mElephant?

mElephant is designed to provide an affordable solution for makers and designers who want to make small designs at home workbench.

why melephat

mElephant specification (3d printer version)

melephant specification

>>>>>>>Get mElephant 3d printer version here!


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