Me-String Lights Driver

The project Blinky Tape on Kickstarter is popular, and recently Makeblock  also designed a String Lights Driver for Arduino to drive the string lights.


We have added an Arduino Nano on the driver board. So it has become the main controller of the string lights. Users can use an Arduino board to control the on board Arduino Nano by I2C communication protocol. We also provide an Arduino library that contains different kinds of control interfaces of the string lights.. Programming and controlling may be very easy now, and you can controll the string lights at any way you like. Wring is easy too, just connect the board to Me-Base Shield on Port 1 or Port2 and connect the string lights to the 3 pin connector on board. Then you can control the string lights easily by sending the control command from the Arduino board under Me-Base Shield.

The String Lights Driver will be on sale soon.

  • Posted on August 9, 2013 - 9:47 am
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