mDrawBot: 4-in-1 Drawing Robot

We’re back to Kickstarter for our second project: mDrawBot. This is probably the best drawing robot kit so far!

Thanks to our angel backers, we collected the enough money to producing and more talented people join our team, from three to sixty we’re  growing really fast during these two years.

Now we’re back to Kickstarter with our second project: mDrawBot. This drawing robot kit can be assembled into four different configurations: mScara, mCar, mSpider and mEggBot. This kit can do everything from scribble on walls to design Easter eggs.

This is the first day funding amount on Kickstarter, THANK YOU!


 What is mDrawBot?

mDrawBot is a 4-in-1 drawing robot kit, it can be assembled into 4 different configuration drawing robots: mScara, mSpider, mEggBot and mCar


This kit consists of Makeblock parts and we also designed a powerful software named mDraw to control these robots. mDrawBot contains over 60 components (and countless screws and nuts), here’s the picture of all the components.



mScara is a SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) driven by stepper motors. If you install a pen on mScara, it can draw pictures on a flat surface. Replacing the pen with a laser diode, it can turn into a desktop laser engraver.



mSpider is a drawing robot which can draw pictures on a wall or a white board. Two stepper motors control the movement of mSpider though strings. Theoretically, it can draw in a huge range by increasing the length of strings.



mEggBot is designed to draw on things that are improbable to print on, such as eggs or ping-pong balls. It can be used to write letters or to draw expressions on eggs, or to draw Easter eggs.



mCar is a three-wheel robot car. It contains two stepper motor drive wheels and a ball caster wheel. It can draw its own movement tracks on the surface. If you install a chalk instead of a pen, it can draw on the floor.


Easy-To-Operate mDraw

After installing the mDraw software, you can import images and make the robot draw them. mDraw is a powerful software designed for mDrawBot. Here are some features:

  • SVG import
  • BMP to SVG conversion
  • Support Gray-scale laser engraving
  • Several customizable parameters including limit switch location, stepper motor direction, drawing range
  • Zooming the drawing with the mouse wheel


mDraw is an open source project hosted on Github. Download here:


We believe tbe only limited is your imagination, makers can do anything from add an accelerometer and gyro sensor to devise a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle, or throw in some other Makeblock mechanical parts to transform it into an XY plotter. There’s more upgrade packs including both Bluetooth, laser engraver.

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