Crowning Wuhan’s Siege Masters in MakeX Robot Challenge 2017

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The last weekend of July saw a large force of powerful robots enter the Chinese city of Wuhan. But rather than a sci-fi film or an alien invasion, it was the Wuhan stop of the nation-wide MakeX Robot Challenge 2017.

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Designed as a global platform centered around robotics and with the aim to educate new generations in multi-disciplinary skills in engineering and art, and communication and teamwork, the MakeX Robot Challenge asks participating teams to first design their own robots and then pits them against those of other teams.

The Wuhan stop was part of the season tournament for the Siege Master competition and part of the 2017 World Robot Contest – RoboCom International Open.

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In Siege Master, the robot fighters take the form of medieval siege engines and must target and attack their opponents’ set of “chess pieces” while defending their own. The key to winning here is designing a strong and agile mechanical structure, and programming the chariot for controllability so as to give the robot the ability to quickly grab and shoot siege balls, and knock down the other’s pieces in a quick succession.

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After a day and a half of fierce but cheerful competition winners in the primary school, junior high school and high school groups had been crowned along with the recipients of awards for best mechanical design, best software design, best technical report, and best KO.

Let’s look closer at the brave and high-spirited teams of engineers, coders, and strategists to see what participating in a MakeX competition is like!
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This team is debugging their robot minutes before their game.

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These guys are ready to go!

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This team doesn’t just want to win, they want to do it in style.

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One of the all-girl teams at MakeX Wuhan.

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The large, clear scoreboard shows that we have an equally clear winner.

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Commentary from our team of robotics experts.

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Our founder and CEO Jasen Wang makes an appearance on-site and on-screen.

As closing words, we want to say congratulations to team Lightning Generals, team Ke Rui Guardians, and team Kuangkang Cool Chicken, the primary, middle and high school Siege Master champions for this year’s edition of MakeX Wuhan!

Next up is the qualifying games for the Northern China Division of MakeX. See you in Beijing!

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