Makeblock’s First Summer Event Illustrates the Creativity behind STEAM Robot Education


On June 28th, Makeblock, the renowned DIY robotics construction platform held its first “Beyond Imagination” summer keynote & press event in Shenzhen, China, with over 100 senior makers, educational experts and partners’ representatives participating. Jasen Wang, CEO and founder of Makeblock, delivered a keynote speech. He shared the original intention behind creating the Makeblock brand--making creation easier and serving education better, introduced Makeblock’s platform and products, and expressed his expectation that Makeblock would become a world leading STEAM education brand. Onsite, Makeblock showed their strong innovative genes by displaying their creative robots.

Jasen Wang delivered a keynote speech titled “Beyond Imagination” @ Makeblock 2016 Summer Event

Makeblock is an open-source DIY platform for robot construction. It was established with the original intention of helping anyone with creative ideas through Makeblock to easily turn their ideas into reality. For the first time, Makeblock came up with an integrated solution covering mechanical parts, electronic modules and programming software, which made creation much easier, enabled anyone to construct unique robots via Makeblock’s rich selection of parts and control the robots via graphic programming software, and solved the very real dilemma when people enjoy unlimited potential in the digital world while struggle to create in the physical world.



Makeblock, founded by makers, is a platform for makers and STEAM learners to infinitely extend and practice their ideas. Rich mechanical modules, highly standardized design and strong compatibility make the once impossible now possible. The DIY robots on show left visitors and attending media with a strong sense of the geek style and innovative power.




Cool and creative robots on display @Makeblock 2016 Summer Event

While serving makers, Makeblock is trying to cultivate a new-generation of creators. As the craze of STEAM education has grown, Makeblock’s educational products have been recognized and widely adopted in many countries and regions throughout the world. Top educational experts in countries like Germany, France, Spainand Italy wrote and published textbooks on Makeblock robots. On top of the display of DIY products as well as Makeblock’s star educational product–mBot, an entry-level educational programming robot that has made its way into primary and secondary schools–Wang also launched Makeblock’s online robot learning platform, mEducation, and the layout for its offline experience stores nationwide. mEducation aims to help robot DIYers & STEAM learns swiftly complete robot construction, testing and tuning through online courses and personalized learning. Wherever you are, you can open mEducation to access robot courses, sharing and exchanging ideas with thousands of users and over 10,000 families in more than 140 countries. mEducation‘s alpha test has officially begun, and users involved in the testing can try out Makeblock’s new products for free during this period.

Makeblock's STEAM robot kits products are selling in over 140 countries

Makeblock’s STEAM robot kits products are selling in over 140 countries


The mEducation landing page is now live

As the only project from China among the first group of hardware projects incubated by HAX, since going into operation in 2013, Makeblock has moved into more than 100 countries and regions in the world in just two years, forged partnerships with many brands and enterprises, been invited to participate in projects such as the Foster & Partners Mars Workshop, Washington Post’s Robotics Competition and AltSchool’s Robot Workshop, and carried out in-depth cooperation with renowned multinational brands such as Microsoft® and Intel®. Just as Wang said at the event, as a global robotics construction platform for makers and STEAM learners, Makeblock will fulfill its original intention, take it upon itself to stimulate creativity, serve educational reform and offer more possibilities to creation.


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