Makeblock Team Wish You Happy New Year!


Hello guys, it’s the 9th Makeblock Hackathon show time, the subject is ART! Guess which is the most popular project? Check the 5th project, you will find the surprise!

The 9th Makeblock 24-hour Hackathon: Art

Project 1: Magic Love Vehicle
Project 2: Mana Stone-The Color Master
Project 3: Seven-Stringed Harp Playing Robot
Project 4: 3D Art Space
Project 5: Robot Dancing Party and Happy New Year!

Makeblock Team also offer three PERFECT-MATCH New Year Gifts for kids, teenagers, makers. Check it out:

Makeblock Starter Kit Bluetooth

starter (4)
An educational robot to teach beginners how to build and code. This kit is suitable for beginners to learn robotic and Arduino, no soldering needed, easy wiring, easy programming.

Makeblock Inventor Electronic Kit

The Makeblock Inventor Electronic Kit is a modular electronic platform for quick prototyping. This kit contains 12 sensors and actuators, each with a color-coded connector to simplify wiring. Each module comes with Arduino library for quick programming.

Makeblock Ultimate Robot Kit

This kit can be assembled into more than 10 different configurations, with LEGO-like modular system for making easy-to-assemble robots using mechanical parts and different kind of sensors.

Hopefully you guys have fun with your family during holidays and enjoy the projects you create!

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