Makeblock Staff Workshop

Every Saturday is our Makeblock staff workshop time. All the Makeblock staff get together and build robot by Makeblock.

See what we have built last Saturday.


Makeblock Transformers:

We are trying to build a  Transformers by Makeblock, the body is done. And we are planning to add some electronic modules to it and make it work soon.

makeblock transformer

makeblock transformer


 Makeblock Walle:

We rebuilt the former Makeblock Walle. It can wave its head now. The special application for Android Phone to control Walle is in planning.

makeblock walle

makeblock walle


 Makeblock Biped Walker:

The Makebklock Biped Walker is built with 3 servos refer to fritsl’s design on Let’s Make Robot.
 See more details about fritsl’s design here.

The body of the Biped Walker is done, more electronic modules will be added soon.



About this Saturday:

We will add electronic modules to these robots to make them alive this Saturday. More vedios about how they works will update soon after our next Makeblock Staff Workshop.

Of course, a step by step guide of how to make these robots will  be uploaded too.



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