Makeblock Launched MakeX: the High-level Robotics Competition for Teens in China

Makeblock, the STEAM education and robotics startup, announced MakeX, the national Robotics Challenge for all Chinese teenagers, on the heels of raising the 29 million dollars in series B round of funding this March, with the commitment to creating the most influential robotics competition nationwide. Registration is now open for teenagers for the MakeX robotics challenge competition on

Makeblock's founder & CEO, Jasen Wang, introducing MakeX to media members.

Makeblock’s founder & CEO, Jasen Wang, introducing MakeX to media members.

Robotics and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) have been two of the hottest topics in education in recent years. There have been over hundreds of thousands of robotics competition participants in China in spite of a lack of influential national robotics competitions. Recognized as the largest DIY robotics construction platform in China, and due to its extensive brand influence and rich experience in robotics competitions, Makeblock was involved as the exclusive equipment supplier in a series of influential robotics competitions and even co-organized – Microsoft ‘Imagine Cup Finals’, The Washington Post’s ‘Transformers’ robotics competition, World Robotics Conference’s RoboCom Youth Challenge, CCTV’s Maker Challenge, etc.

The MakeX competition consists of the qualifying city rounds and the final. From June to October, 2017, about 1,000 teams will battle in main areas in North, Central, East, and South China to qualify for the final round. The final will be held in Shenzhen in November. Having positioned itself as a high-level competition brand, a project team inside Makeblock with members who graduated from MIT, Tsinghua University and other well-known universities was formed to develop professionally and beautifully designed competition equipment, and a highly informative registration system for this competition. The competition is extremely exciting and entertaining, due to its game design involving intense competitiveness and attack and defense varieties.

In terms of the competition rules, MakeX adopts a unique league system in which teamwork is no longer limited within a team like other common competitions. Instead, participants are encouraged to collaborate with other teams, while taking the engineering skill sets improvement and the strategy implementation of the two teams into consideration at the same time. Each participating institute can register multiple teams, and each team will be assigned a permanent and exclusive number, with which their honors can be passed down. The coexistence of league and competition throughout the event will challenge and push the participants to work on their communication and collaboration skills.

MakeX Robotics Challenge Demo

After the keynote speech, Hua Hua, File, Hurricane and other Chinese robotics competition celebrities showed up for a brilliant challenge demo. The guests and audience cheered on 8 teenager participants as their robots took to the playing field and competed with their excellent command skills. Judging from how exciting and intense the demo was, we can imagine how engaging the actual competition will be when it officially begins.

Additionally, the release of MakeX was part of the first STEAM Technology Innovation Carnival, which was exclusively hosted by Makeblock. In the 1,000 m2 colorful “City of Future”, there were six different themed districts, including “Star Science Museum”, “Art Dimension”, “Space-Time Museum”, “Creative Market”, “Siege Division Assembly” and “X Battlefield”. The rich and fun combinations of technology, fashion, culture, arts and game interaction lit up Shenzhen this summer.

Kids enjoyed playing mBots at the STEAM Carnival


Unique Operation and Planning; Helping the Robotics Competition Ecosystem Take Shape & Enhancing Awareness of Cooperation and Competition

Jasen Wang, founder & CEO of Makeblock said: “Makeblock is not only a robotics company, but also an education technology company aiming to bring more and better robotics education solutions. This time, Makeblock is exploring a new way to bring a unique experience to tens of thousands of teenage robotics fans, welcoming those teenagers who are curious, imaginative and willing to learn, and providing them with a platform to thrive and develop. History has shown that enterprises play an unparalleled role in helping the ecosystem form and in popularizing advanced education concepts. There’s no doubt that the MakeX Robotics Challenge is designed to be unique in all aspects. MakeX will shoulder the duty to further the development of national and even international robotics competitions. We believe that courage and competitive spirit are the keys of innovation and that only with non-stop challenges, competition and cooperation can we make long-term progress and have a profound influence. MakeX will not only help advance robotics and programming skills, but also foster the well-rounded life skills of the participants.”

In the foreseeable future, with an open and cross-field perspective and a worldly vision, Makeblock will build up a one-of-a-kind youth robotics competition in 2017. Let’s wait and see how MakeX will grow with the next generation.


About MakeX

MakeX is a national competition platform for robotics events aiming to stimulate the public’s passion to create, to explore and to share through events like Robotics Challenge, Makeblock Makerathon, STEAM Carnival, etc. Originated in China, MakeX is committed to promoting the robotics competition culture in China and attracting teenagers across the country to participate in the competition.

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