Makeblock Johnny Five Debuts on Maker Faire New York 2015, Intel Edison Embedded

johnny five

Summary: Makeblock starts to cooperate with Intel to try some new products like Johnny Five, which draws much attention on Maker Faire New York 2015.

Makeblock is characterized by arduino robotics like mBot, mDrawbot, mElephant 3D Printer, however, it never stops to explore more possibility with some giants like Intel or Microsoft. In order to build a robot, users can’t make it without mechanical parts, electronic modules and software. Johnny-Five is the JavaScript robotics programming framework, which is also a movie robot figure from Short Circuit (1986).

After Intel expresses the interests, Makeblock takes the advantages of mechanical parts – aluminum extrusion technique and Arduino programming, composed of Intel Edison developer kit, to build Makeblock-customized Johnny Five.

“With Edison, Johnny Five becomes alive, it can walk, talk and even communicate with you,” Rivan said that, who is the senior engineer of Johnny Five and showcased how to control it easily. Rather than previous Arduino board, Edison is much smarter and can process more complicate program.

Makers, Kids and parents are surprised by this adorable robot on Maker Faire New York 2015, especially when it’s walking to say “Hello, Stranger!”

Conclusion: this is the first kick between Makeblock and Intel, while expresses visitors much on Maker Faire Movement 2015. As one of the top innovative companies in China, Makeblock is looking forward more opportunities with big shots.

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