Makeblock First Workshop Stage with Chaihuo Maker Space

Last Sunday, Makeblock held the First Workshop Stage with Chaihuo Maker Space in Shenzhen.  The host Jasen Wong, the founder of Makeblock,  provided the Makeblock kits and parts and leaded the makers to create their first robotic cars.


See? These makers are using Makeblock kits/parts to build the robot.


Geeks are focusing on constructing robotic cars.


What a mess desk, but it can  inspirit the brain storm, isn’t it?


Two pretty girls are interesting in this project. Enjoy the moment, guys!


Finnally, we made it!

Do you want to get Makeblock T-shirt? Contact us, we will choose lucky Makeblock fans and give away the free Makeblock T-shirt.


(Note: What is Chaihuo Maker Space? Chaihuo is divided into 4 areas: Infrastructure area; Sharing area; VIP office and Makers’ products store. For now, she has basic making tools, such as 3D printer, laser cutting machine, electronic equipment and mechanical processing devices(More can be added according to makers’ needs).

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