Makeblock Drawing Robot

We have rebuilt the Makeblock XY Stage to make a Drawing Robot, it was built with 50cm*50cm length sliding rail, the timing belt, two stepper motors, a stepper motor driver, and a micro-controller Arduino.


The previous version of the Makeblock XY Stage can only draw the pictures described in the program of Arduino. But now it can draw the picture sending from the Smart phone by Bluetooth at any shape.


We have developed a special APP for Andriod devices to control the painting robot. You can send a picture from the phone or you can take a picture by the phone and then send it to the robot by Bluetooth. After that the robot will draw what you send.


See more details about the painting:


You can see more details about how the robot works in the folowing video.

  • Posted on August 2, 2013 - 4:36 pm
  • By eric
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  • tomas says:

    When do you plan to release 3d printing kit?

    • Asep says:

      You do the most incredible thngis with acetate, Linda! I still have a ‘fear’ block about using it, even though I bravely bought some acetate sheets after seeing some of your earlier projects. I have promised myself that I WILL do a couple of cards using it. I’ll have to come back and have another look at your posts to get inspired again. 😀

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