Building Your Own Makeblock 3D Printing Project with Arduino

Last week, we made our first 3D printer demo. It’s adopted i3 structure and the most amazing part is you can make your own open-source 3D printer. 

Of course you can buy a 3D printer, but what if you wanted to make one yourself?  The home-built 3D printers are booming recently. Currently hundreds of thousands of people wanting to start their own build 3d printing project.

Today Makeblock will show you how to building your own 3D printer. The printer is usually controlled by a PC with special software installed. In this software a solid model is loaded that gets converted to G-code. This G-code is sent to the arduino MEGA over USB and tell the robot what movements to make.


How it works:

Mechanical part+Electronic part+Software

Mechanical part:
>Strong-Aluminium Makeblock mechanical parts are very strong
>Stable– I3 Structure of 3D printer 
>Expansibility-You can extend the length of X/Y/Z Axis to adjust
>Flexibility-DIY by Makeblock mechanical parts
Where to buy

Electronic part:
>>Arduino MEGA 2560+ RAMPS
Where to buy

Download here

At the very beginning, CC and Johnny were starting to build the 3D printer demo.




Ouyang Albert offered his help. 


CC was adjusting the machine.


And it began to work.


Look at our adorable engineers’ serious face.


Models of art works





Watch the video here:

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