Makeblock Aims to Advance STEM Education for Kids & Beginners through Arduino Partnership

Makeblock is now partnered with Arduino, the leading open-source hardware platform in the maker and education community, by joining mBot — the affordable $74.99 one robot per kid educational robot in the Arduino Atheart program, aiming to take STEM (Science, Technology, Electronics, Mathematics) education to a higher level.

Today Makeblock is excited to announce what’s next for Kid and beginner Makers on mBot with Arduino.


“In this increasingly connected world, the Arduino will help drive more inventions in the Maker market for kids and beginners.” said Jasen Wang, Makeblock founder and CEO.

“Makeblock is really happy that Arduino acknowledges its impact in the maker community with the enthusiasm and passion for technology represented by Makeblock,

which helps lower the learning threshold of the Arduino platform for younger kids. Makeblock looks forward to seeing more kid and beginner Makers getting inspired by this

unique offering.”


mBot can be programmed for the robots to follow lines, kick balls and push objects, avoid walls and more with drag-and-drop graphical programming software based on

Scratch 2.0. Expanding our portfolio of Arduino extensions, you can also switch from graphical to text-based programming in Arduino mode as it can be coded with Arduino IDE

environment, giving kids more options to connect all the needed components seamlessly for their creative mBot projects.


mBot can be programmed to follow lines:13

With the support of Arduino, Makeblock provides a drag-and-drop graphical programming software mBlock developed based on Scratch 2.0 provides a quick way for

kids to learn programming, control the robot, and have the robot perform multiple functions. Kids can tap into the incredible power of mBots through fun programming.

Imagine being able to create an Arduino-based mBot project that includes wireless communication/parsing, LED display, sound technologies, Lego parts, extensions and

more! Take a look at this Soccer Game project created to bring children’s  sporting skill to life!

mBot is compatible with Lego parts:

Add more fun to playing with mBot with extensions:


Add Me LED Matrix 8×16 to mBot to color the playing experience


mBot is a living breathing product with a team behind it that is constantly working on new extensions. When a customer purchases mBot, he/she is entitled to

enjoy more interesting functions and features in the form of extension kits available on the Makeblock Online Store, which adds even more fun to the customer’s

playing experience with mBot.With the price point at $74.99, mBot is a low cost and all-in-one solution for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience about programming,

electronics, and robotics, truly the best robot kit for beginner to learn and discover the robotic world.

Through the partnership with Arduino, Makeblock will continue to commit to the Maker Movement and stay excited to getting mechanical parts, electronic modules to

work for prototype robot building, turning more ideas into reality. Makeblock has partnered with Arduino to develop a true turn-key STEM educational solution for kids

that will allow the community to breed more bright minds among the next generations. Makeblock is eager to bring more products like mBot to make STEM education fun,

inspiring and effective.

Co-founder of Arduino Project Massimo Banzi with Makeblock team

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