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Many people have asked if we are trying to build a 3D printer using Makeblock parts, and many want to build their own 3D printer using our kit. Recently we’ve been working hard to make this vision a reality.

arduino 3d printer

arduino 3d printer

Using Makeblock to build a 3D printer has always been part of our goal, and we will start to materialize it when enough people show their interests.
In fact, there are several 3D printer projects readily found on Kickstarter. By contrast, our Makeblock 3D printer kits will be highly modular, most of the parts can be used to construct your other projects. What’s more exciting is that our printers will be CHOCOLATE compatible. Not only plastic, our machines will be suited with print head and extrusion mechanism that print with Chocolate. Our design of the extrusion system for chocolate is underway.
We take an open-source approach in designing our Makeblock 3D printer parts. All the 3D design files can be downloaded from our website. You can download the most recent version here. And you are more than welcome to get involved in our designing process. Send us your advice or your ideas about how our 3D printer should be, we will incorporate your valuable contributions into our future versions.
In order to build this big structure(about 500mm X 500mm X 500mm)with the same rigidity and stability we always deliver, we will suit them with stronger beams with section dimension 24 X 24mm. That’s besides the two beam choices we already have, namly the 24 X 8mm and the 8 X 8mm.
The print head and extrusion mechanism on the market are quite mature. We will try to improve them by putting the extrusion motor on the frame of the machine, instead of attaching them with the print head. This way, we can reduce the weight of the moving parts, hence increasing the moving speed.
Make a buzz and tell us what you think!

Download 3D source file here:Makeblock 3D upload Date:2013-01-07, version 0.1.

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