The Art of Krzysztof Parda’s Magic Cube Machine

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. At least, it used to be. At Makeblock, our mission is to make technology so easy to understand and use that everyone can turn their ideas into real, working projects — or their own personal kind of magic.

Krzysztof Parda is one of the creators that espouse the Makeblock ethos perfectly. An artist by training and an actor by trade, working at a local theatre in Poland, Krzysztof combines his creative spirit with his skills as an electronics technician to create magic with our DIY platform.

We caught up with Parda to hear about the projects he creates under his Simply Joy Art project — especially his Magic Cube Machine.


What is the Magic Cube Machine?

The main objective of the artistic project “The Magic Cube Machine”  was to design a fully automatic, acoustic instrumental machine that serves as a music box, the form of which will be the synthesis of two distinct worlds, i.e. one of modern technology and one of acoustic musical instruments.

The instruments are played through the synchronized work of programmed and integrated mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components that are responsible for extracting sound from the instruments, which results in producing their acoustic sound. There is also installed LED system inside the Cube so there is choreography of music and multicolor lights.


How did you come up with the idea for this funky box?

I constantly looking for innovative means that enable the creation of inventive forms of artistic expression so I decided to build Magic Cube Machine combination of acoustic instruments and innovative technology based on Makeblock’s open source platform to see what is possible with today’s robotics technology.


Why did you choose the Makeblock platform for your Magic Cube Machine project?

I founds the Makeblock platform a few years ago and knew it would be a great fit to realize my ideas. The vastness of parts, simplicity of assembling and nice design makes it the perfect solution for everybody who loves DIY.

One last question: Can technology create art?

Of course. It is my primary purpose. I believe there still are undiscovered and underappreciated links between art and innovation. Through combining these fields my aim is to develop new, user-friendly solutions, that respond to requirements of those who yearn to achieve their own creative desires. I’m open to working with creative people from different fields of art, design, engineering.

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