Genious !! Makeblock Robot Shines Together with Microsoft HoloLens at Build 2015!

At Build 2015, Microsoft shows how HoloLens integrates digital objects (i.e. Makeblock Robot) with real-world objects in a single environment.

However, the most exciting moment in the following video is 00:30, Makeblock robot is up! Congratulation, Makeblock showcases on Big Stage again, this time our partner is Microsoft!

1. Check the original CNET showcase video here:

2. Here is the Makeblock Robot Screenshot on Build 2015 in above video (00:30).

3. Do you want to know how this Makeblock robot is assembled? Here is the teaser video.

4. Who makes this wonderful Makeblock robot for Hololens? Lou A.

5. Who is Lou A.?

6. BTW, what is Hololens? Check the latest mind-blowing demo below.

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