Future Christmas:Workshop with Tencent Maker at TechSpace Shenzhen

December 22th-23th, Tecent Maker Club held a two-day Maker’s Christmas Workshop named FUTURE CHRISTMAS at TechSpace in Shenzhen. Makeblock was invited to be there as tools provider. There’s seven groups for differents projects:

Project 1# Hunting Robot

Project 2#Mechanical Robot Tank

Project 3#Wi-Fi Robot

Project 4#Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Project 5#Smart Quadrocopter

Project 6#Wooden Plane

Project 7#Wooden Frame



A boy attracted by Makeblock’s XY Plotter Robot Kit. The machine was drawing Tecent’s mascot penguin.


Finished Smart Quadrocopter built by Makeblock parts


0003Hunting Robot Team with their work, it can control by bluetooth.


Makeblock software engineer Ander (Second from right) and mechanical engineer Ouyang (Right-most) are providing tech support for makers.



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