Creative Projects from the 24th Makeblock Makerthon

Makeblock Makerthon is a large-scale creative activity of Makeblock, as well as one of its significant enterprise culture. The Makerthon is hold every month with a special theme, and members of Makeblock take part in the activity and construct original projects according to the theme within 24 hours.


The Theme of 24th Makeblock Makerthon


We particularly invited STEME Education Group to be the judge.

 STEM Education Group

was initiated by

HKU e-Learning Development Laboratory.

And its members are mainly Hong Kong teachers.


Let’s take a look at the creative projects!



Human always strive for higher and higher speed to reach their destinations. Yes! If you also have to rush to catch the bus every morning as me, mLeopard must be the best choice for you. The powerful functions of mLeopard, self-navigation and obstacle-avoidance, enable mLeopard to cross obstacles easily and run even faster than ordinary four-wheel vehicles. More importantly, it can also keep quiet and flexibly adjust the algorithm. When encounters traffic jam, it slightly jumps over plants and other vehicles and safely sends you to your destination. How exciting it is!




You should not be alien with Kumamon, the mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. This team tried to imitate the cute Kumamon, and they used some electronic components to control mKumamon so that it can do some adorable gestures such as greeting, hug or being shy, etc. Well, these exactly are the skills Kumamon uses for pick-up, aren’t they?


Big Teeth


You may have seen alpaca run, but have you ever seen it graze? This team was inspired by the alpaca when it is chewing the grass. This alpaca grinds the food by chewing, then the hard food will be ground and goes into to the stomach. But the alpaca chews not by open and close its mouth, but by moving its mouth up and down, left and right. And you can even see how the food is ground and goes into to the stomach. Well, what a vivid biological lesson.


Gene Code


This project was inspired by the ecological chain. With the magnet between the modules, automatic identification and IOT, this team developed a teaching case in which teachers and students can interact with each other. Take the assortment of genes as an example. Different modules represent different genes, and by free combination and scanning QR code and shaking your phones to charge the “gene devices”, a new species will come out. This project is so full of imagination, isn’t it?


Project of the Champion

The Ancient Crocodile


This must be the longest work since the first Makerthon. The Ancient Crocodile is the imitation of crocodile. It consists of complicated mechanical structures. The huge body only allows it to move side to side and crawl forward. On its eyes and head, there are red LED lights. Besides, its mouth also has fuel gas, a fan and a flame ignitor. Beside its ears there MP3 loudspeaker. When it is angry, The Ancient Crocodile looks fierce, and its eyes turns red. Then it roars and spit fire! Wow, so cool!


Please take a look at the interesting sidelights of Makeblock Makerthon with WIFI (or 4G if you like).


Besides Creativity Competition,

Makeblock Makerthon also have PK contest,

The Makerthon Challenge Match.

The Theme of this Challenge Match is


Robots Obstacle-Crossing Competition

This is a special Robots Obstacle-Crossing Competition

All of the robots are not allowed to

use wheels

 to finish obstacle-crossing tasks.


Please take a look at the interesting sidelights of the challenge match.

Above is all of

the content of the 24th Makeblock Makerthon.

Which robot do you like most?

Please leave a message to us.

See you next time!

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