Makeblock Is Promoting STEM Education With Essa Academy in UK

Makeblock has always been devoting to stimulate the development of STEM education by optimizer robotic products and its platform. Just right after holding the workshop at AltSchool in May, On June 21st, we were invited to an Apple-in-Education featured school to give a training class of Makeblock consuming products(mBot, mBot Ranger, Ultimate2.0, and Codeybot)for teachers from 20 schools , and hold a workshop for students, by Essa Accademy.

Essa Academy

Essa Academy is a coeducational secondary school with academy status. It is located in the Great Lever area of Bolton in the English county of Greater Manchester and is considered as the most technologically advanced school in Britain. Its director, Abdul Chohan, who believes applying technology to classes can help students understand the world around them efficiently, has become a moving force in the field of Apple Education.

Though the revolution would never been easy, to promote the concept, Mr. Abdul Chohan has been searching for product like Apple devices, that allow learning with interaction and fun in the same time, most importantly, it must be an affordable solution as well in the long run.  After firstly introducing Makeblock’s robot kit, the director showed his great interest in the educational function of Makeblock’s products and its platform and decided to have a ‘try out’ on June 21st.

The performance of Makeblock products impressed everyone in the class. “ Codeybot was a big hit amongst early years practitioners, it’s fun, interactive, and engaging,” teachers told us, “mBot is great to use for programming using ‘Blocky programming app’, and it is easy to assemble and the instructions are user friendly.” “Great scope for use across the curriculum in Math, Science, Computer Science and Design Technology.” We appreciate all the great feedback from these leading educators in STEM field. “They are clever, curious and have a very good sense of technology, you could never imagine what they will achieve in next 10 years and how they will change our world.” The director added.

Group competition in the workshop

Group competition in the workshop

Students are assembling mBot in the class

Assembling mBot

Operating 3D printer-mGiraffe with iPad

Operating 3D printer-mGiraffe with iPad

After 2 days wonderful experience with Makeblock, Mr. Abdul Chohan was planning to use Makeblock’s products in their classes, which allows students to acquire the knowledge of robotics and learn programming with iPad. The program will launch in August this year. More than this, the director said that he would be willing to introduce Makeblock to other schools across the country. Additionally, 8 teachers expressed their wishes to have the same workshops in their schools.

Before Essa Academy, we have cooperated with some cutting-edge companies including Microsoft, Intel, and hold workshops as well as classes at some outstanding STEM education focused schools including AltSchool.  Most importantly, our paces on promoting STEM education will not slow down by the results we had so far. For more information, you can follow Makeblock at Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google+. Your support keep us moving.

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