A Passion for Jazz – How to DIY a Vintage LP Player

Recently, many people are concerned about the hot film 《La La Land》. The hero’s love for jazz, and his persistent pursuit of dreams,  not only set an romantic tone for the film’s OST, but also give more imagination of the La La Land for audiences. As a jazz music Fans, Wang Weijiang a youth maker in Shenzhen combines his love for jazz and technology, used mechanical device like paper, needle and metal to constructed a vintage vinyl, which is interpreted the combine jazz and technology.


Weijiang graduated from the Department of Industrial Design Wang, having it quite a cutting edge look, it is difficult to imagine his childhood was a “Wreck-It Ralph”. Because he grew up in a family of music-loving, his father collected at home. Curious about the structure and principles of the phonograph, he secretly removed the two player’s home and found there are many parts pretend can’t be install back, he took out of the shell and the key to recovery, and it was not immediately noticed by his father. Even if his father later found and did not blame him. Damage to the two vinyl has inspired the Wei River who began hands-on ability to explore the unknown. This curiosity has been accompanied him grow, whenever asked about the dream after Wang Weijiang grow up, “became an inventor” is always his answer.


Time flies, the inventor of this lofty ideals, all the way deep in the heart of Wang Weijiang. He arrived Shenzhen, the Maker City, joined Makeblock in product development. He gradually realized there has a lot of similarities between the original inventor and maker, and now he is to enjoy the creativity and technology combined with the creative process. In December of 2016, he also participated in the company’s internal trainee marathon, only in just 24 hours to complete the “Makeblock and paper” theme creative competition, led his team constructed DIY vintage vinyl, won First prize.



Preference for blues and jazz music Wang Weijiang said with a smile in his many small projects, the DIY vinyl player is his “premeditated for a long time” idea, he has been waiting for the right opportunity to practice thinking. Originally, he began to contact jazz from the primary school in classic films or music. Since then, he has always wanted to do a DIY vintage vinyl.


He produced DIY retro vocal music player reflects the application of the principle of physical acoustics, use of paper vibration is easy to sound characteristics, combined with vinyl tracks(or groove) on the record to reproduce the principle of sound waves. And then he used Makeblock component to assemble the remaining parts of the player. With the steady speed stepper motor to drive the vinyl record, and then the tip of needle wrapped by the paper, the vinyl sound information into paper vibration to make the sound.


Wang Weijiang admitted that indeed encountered technical difficulties during the process of creativity put into practice – the cooperation between the needle and the record. In the case of non-manual operation, let the stylus for automatic position switching, and to maintain good sound quality, in terms of technical point is a challenge, so it is necessary to design a reasonable structure and repeated testing and verification.



Wang Weijiang found Huo Yanlin, Li Kaijie, and Ran Li, three colleagues to help themselves. They are starting by Makeblock components which easy to use, first erected player base, and then adds crossbar on this basis. As for the part of the stylus, it is made up of the rolled paper and the needle, the vibration of the needle and the soundtrack is transmitted to the paper, so that the vibration of the paper magnifies the sound, and moderately increases the relationship between the stylus and the record Pressure, send more intermediate frequency and low frequency sound, so that music quality sound more balanced, better. In this process, the team also used the Makeblock graphical programming software mBlock, and through several adjustments and testing ultimately overcome the stylus and record with difficulties.


Within 24 hours of the creation of the marathon, Wang Weijiang did not easily miss any details, carefully set up two unique paper light, hoping to achieve the interaction of sound and light creative experience. He uses paper translucent features so that players cut more than 120 sheets of large paper and more than 30 small pieces of paper, through the multi-layer stack, to make a highly complex irregular spherical shade. The interior is full of reflective, translucent and shadows of the cross, the corner placed the dazzling light ball, accompanied by melodic musician jazz song 《Quizás, Quizás, Quizás》, romantic and classic. Sound and light hit each other, so that this combination of mechanical and aesthetic works show perfect to conquer the audience and the judges, and let everyone feel the charming STEAM education ( science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics Multi-disciplinary integration of the comprehensive education) , some audience thought that the graceful music was pre-recorded rather than on-site.


For the rise of the founder and STEAM education, Wang Wei Jiang also has its own unique insights. First of all, he believes that there is a keen observation of life and found that others are not easy to see things or angles; Secondly, there must be full imagination to divergent thinking; At the same time, but also have a certain execution and self-driving, make the idea into reality. He used his experience as an example, past the past by painting and other means to observe and depict the world, now more and more people through the robot or other mechanical equipment to expand the imagination, exercise logical thinking, teamwork and other capabilities, which also reflects the the significance of STEAM education.


Back to the first written by the author of the film <<La La Land>>, which tells the story of the Jazz and dream, the hero achieve their own jazz dream in the years of persistence. Coincidentally, Maker Wang Weijiang and Jazz has a bond, he achieves his own small goals through long-term accumulation and efforts. Shenzhen, the city of this Makers like Wang Weijiang, provides a dream to fertile soil, so that they work in their own love, in which to find a family belonging to the satisfaction of the family.


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