Unleash the Inventor In You at Maker Faire New York

  • Posted on September 18, 2017 - 11:56 am
  • By Erik
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Imagine a place with an electric current going through the air, where people gather to share the stories of how they programmed and built their own unique creations. This sensational experience can only be had at a Maker Faire, like the one taking place right in the heart of New York City this month. Makeblock […]

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Makeblock助力成长综艺《小手牵小狗》 mBot 担当萌娃成长新伙伴

  • Posted on September 12, 2017 - 6:16 pm
  • By June

8月31日,全球首档萌娃萌宠成长挑战秀《小手牵小狗》第三集开播。这档综艺节目聚集了号称“史上最萌也最难搞的组合” — 性格各异的五个萌娃、五只小狗、综艺大咖罗志祥以及每集不同的“飞行嘉宾”。节目首播三集累计播放量即超1.6亿,豆瓣8.5高分,获赞Q3季度最萌、最治愈的原创成长类网络综艺,实力领跑网络综艺排行榜,对偏爱真、萌、趣的80,90后观众来说也是十分对味。

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