20 Creative Drawing Ideas For Kids 

Drawing is a sweet indulgence. It makes one creative, artistic and positive. Children in their young age should definitely be given the opportunity of canvassing their thoughts. There are many positive elements attached to the art of drawing. Different colors used in drawing any picture freshens up the mood and makes them cheerful. The use of different colors is a positive point in itself since it exhibits the positive nature of a person.

However, in this growing world of technology, this art is slightly getting vanished from the reach of young children.Kids these days spend more time on the computers, mobiles and tablets rather than on picturing and drawing.Technology and internet is deteriorating the creativity and artistic nature of the children. The kids who earlier used to find respite in drawing pictures and paintings are now looking forward to playing violent games on their computer systems. This has eventually curtailed the interest of the children in drawing and painting. As a result, creative drawing ideas for kids have become really hard to find.

This article gives you a short and sweet study of different creative drawing ideas that you should teach your kids. Following are the 20 creative drawing ideas that every kid should look up to:

1. The amazing art of shadow-drawing:
Drawing a shadow of any substance on a piece of paper is an art in itself. All you need is a sidewalk chalk and a sunny, balmy day with a low sun. Start drawing the shadows of any inanimate material like chair, table, toys etc.

The amazing art of shadow-drawing

2. Fun-filled Zentangle drawing:
This art is full of fun. You only need a black and an ultrafine sharpie, white card stock as well as a round figure. Just start tracing circles all over the paper along with over-lapping some of them. Start drawing different patterns in the left spaces. This is done.


3. The amazing drawing of mirror-symmetry:
This involves some amazing tricks and turns. Draw a symmetry line dividing your paper into two. Draw a simple image on one side of the paper. Now, place the mirror on the symmetry line facing the drawn image and using the reflected image complete drawing the other half.

The amazing drawing of mirror-symmetry:

4. The fantastic feather-drawing project:
Collect the feathers of your favorite birds. Now, closely look at the linear patterns of these feathers and using a soft pencil and a pack of water soluble crayons, try drawing the same.Recreate the designs and have fun.

4. The fantastic feather-drawing project:

5. An excellent project by Mrs. Crosbie: 

Work like a 5

year old kid. Draw a big circle for the mouth of your picture. Now, draw the nose and the eyes of the picture from the confines of the mouth. You will end up making an apt representation of your subject.

 An excellent project by Mrs. Crosbie:

6. Fantabulous blanket-drawing project:
The supplies required for this project are: a plain blanket, a masking tape, a tape measure, a black paint and a foaming brush. Find a spot to place the blanket and start designing your blanket using all the mentioned supplies. This project is creativity at its best!

 Fantabulous blanket-drawing project

7. Fancy drawing of curved lines: 

Draw the lines with different curves on a plain sheet of paper. Use a sharpie and color the background. Now, add the patterns of hatching on the lines, overlapping some of them. Your drawing is ready.

Fancy drawing of curved lines:


8. The art of abstract shadow-tracing: 

Take some abstract objects for this project like your favorite zoo-animal or superhero goodies. You can also place the one over the other.Take a flashlight andask someone to hold it. Outline the obtained shadow and use different colors to give it an abstract and a different look.

The art of abstract shadow-tracing

9. The human-form drawing:
If you want to draw a human face or a body, this project is apt for you. Take a wood mannequin for giving shape, a pencil and a piece of paper. Place a mannequin right in front of you paper and taking an inspirationfrom the same, draw your face-figures. This project requires a keen observance.

9. The human-form drawing:

10. Simple yet interesting drawing game: 

Involve your family into this game and you will have the time of your life. The rules of the game are simple. On different sheets of paper, draw same scribbles or patterns and gift one sheet to one person at a time. Now, each of the player is required to create his own drawing with the obtained scribbles and patterns.

10. Simple yet interesting drawing game:

11. The art of facial proportion and positioning:
This art is very simple yet complex. All you need to do is to bring a printable face drawing sheet from the market. Use the sheet as to learn to draw different patterns of the face. You can also give this project a twist of your own imaginations.

11The art of facial proportion and positioning

12. Educational drawing projects: – 

Involve your kids in some educational drawing projects. Take them on a drive along with a sheet, pencil and crayons. Give them some road-trip drawing prompts. Teach them about the roads, traffic as well as signals on their drawing-papers.

12. Educational drawing projects

13. The challenge of one-line drawing: 

The one-line drawing challenge is very interesting and fun to play. The rules of this game are very simple. Choose any of your favorite subjects and start picturing it on a piece of paper in one continuous line. Thus, you are not allowed to take your drawing tool off your piece of paper.

The challenge of one-line drawing

14. The letter-drawing game: 

This game is very creative piece of art. Ask your kid to choose the first letter of their name as the very base of their drawing. This letter will act as a foundation of the pile.Now, ask him to begin adding another letters one over other in different designs andpatterns. Add colors to your drawing.

14.The letter-drawing game

15. Easy bike-drawing tutorial:
If you wish to draw a bike on your paper, here are the simple steps. Use circles for the wheels as well as for the gears in between. Draw a triangle for the back of the bike-frame. Attach the front tubing with the front wheel and the top tube plus front down tubing to the front tubing. Draw other geometrical figures and attach them with others for different parts.

 Easy bike-drawing tutorial

16. The art of basic tree- sketching:
Take a wood panel and paint it with white gesso. Once your panel is all dried, start drawing different patterns of trees on these wooden pieces to make them look all the more artistic.
This activity is simple.

16The art of basic tree- sketching

17. Picture your lips:
The basic thing required to draw your lips is a simple line. Using this line, start drawing figures imitating your lips on both the upper side as well as the lower side of the line.


18. The fun-filled frame drawing project:
If you wish to test the creativity of your kids, give them this project. Just draw a frame on a piece of paper that acts as an outline to the drawing and give your kids their favorite colors. Watch them playing with the colors and creating amazing figures.

The fun-filled frame drawing project

19. Scratch art drawing projects:
The quirky yet mesmerizing scratch art drawing projects is too good to indulge your kids into.Buy a scratch-board from the markets and ask your kids to scratch it to draw different patterns. You can also use wooden pieces for this art. However, scratch-boards are recommended.


20. Beautiful leaf-drawing projects:
This art is beautiful. Collect some dried leaves from your gardens. Experiment in their shape. Use different shapes for different drawing. Paint these leaves with different colors and now use your marker to draw different patterns on these leaves.


Now you have so many creative drawing ideas for kids, what you can do if you don’t how to draw at all? Try mDrawbot to draw automatically, what you need to do Google some creative drawing photos, drag and drop to the mDrawbot software, then it can draw it within several minutes. You kids would be exciting about this miracle. Check some mDrawbot YouTube tutorials here.

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